Dear Visitors,

Shane Wolf embodies the very essence of Renaissant.
Nothing incites his enthusiasm more than veering from known certitudes in order to explore the unchartered. If you happen to see him zipping around Paris on his minimalist Dutch bike, you might even be surprised by the genuine and radiant joy that exudes from his very being.

Shane Wolf is a pioneer. An explorer. An art explorer.
His studio abounds with treasures consisting of sketches, preparatory drawings, color scripts and palette studies, as well as amazing tools designed from his own drawings like his customized glass-plated scaffolding or his extraordinary, giant, counter-weighted easel, 'Zeus', that perfectly accommodates his monumental work. Just as in a laboratory, his atelier overflows with ideas and expertise that somehow access that rare moment when known principles and perspectives can be challenged and set aside. Even his very scrupulous choice of palettes opens new paths and sets the stage for unexplored possibilities.

Shane Wolf is a humanist, working always from the live nude to seek Beauty in the human form.
Shall we seek in his work an answer to the discordant resonance of the world and its image of Man? That is for you to decide. As for Shane Wolf, he dedicates his life to Beauty that he finds in its purest form in man, woman, and child liberated from all cultural indecency, religious or political, in the human being in its flesh, in its simple humanity that is forever universal.

While browsing this site and following his ever evolving work, over time you will discover the secrets and wonders of a Living Master.

Patron, Collector